BHTechMech Bio Page

Name: BHTechMech
Army: Space Marine, Blood Angel, Hopefully an Imperial Guard Armour Company
Favorite Brush: The tiny one
Years Painting: I have to agree with Fayte on this one its not how many years but the amount of time one puts into painting, and what one has learned.

I am putting a little back-story onto this page in case people wonder if we know what we're doing.

I started into Warhammer 40,000 when it was just becoming 3rd edition in the Summer of 99'. I remember reading White Dwarf magazine and the stories, battle reports, and Games Workshop approved new rules. Such as, the Vehicle Design Rules which died out as far as I can tell.

My starting army was "vanilla" Space Marines. Next, I played Dark Angels and then the Blood Angels. For many reasons I switch to Blood Angels, and I played them for a probably 1.5 years before catching the WAAAAGH and switching to Orks. This was at the time of GW hammering out rules for Speed Freaks and Feral Orks. I focused on the Speed Freaks, and lost a lot of games. So, I decided to break from the game.

Presently, I was drawn back to the hobby when 5th edition came out. I enjoy painting more than gaming now. It challenges me on a totally different level and I continue to be proud every time I pull my model out to showcase or play games with. I am glad to see friends get into this awesome hobby.

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