Monday, August 30, 2010

Scenery Excitement

So after getting that newsletter for the mailing list from Games Workshop, I have come to the understanding of the need of good scenery for battle. Something that makes you feel like you are there commanding the troops you worked so hard to paint and deploy.
Now, I have seen everything from pop cans and books to fully painted, huge pieces of scenery that have been lovingly put together for the sake of the game. Its something you don't always note because of its background feel to it, but it makes the world come alive when you start to play.
Honestly, I would love to get this piece to paint and use. Even though I play Eldar, I can see the forces of Chaos or some Blood Angels either controlling it or trying to take it back. Even some Necrons could see the use of the molecular components. It would make a fun environment feel even more like the battlefield at hand.
Now to get to work, so I can dream about getting this piece.....

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey all.
After doing a little tweaking I opted to change the look of the site a little bit.
I think it will make it look less plain and more involved. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fayte's Update

As you know (if you read this blog) I just got a Wraithlord and a squad of Rangers I still need to paint up and add to the collection. Because the school front hit though, its going a little slow. I still need to make sure that I take it slow and don't rush them, make them look amazing on the field so I can turn heads while battling it out in a store.
They are washed and primed, so its nothing too huge that needs to be worked on other than the painting itself. And I do have a paint scheme set up for the Wraithlord that will make it look foreboding and terrifying to see it on the field.

Something else on my agenda to work on is some basing concepts. I want to have bases that have some feel to them without just covering them in flock. So we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, that is all for now!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grassy knoll

Those of you on the Games Workshop mailing list will have seen the latest in terrain and I agree. Terrain is the battle, with difficult terrain slowing a charge blocking LOS or straight saving your last heavy man, open field battle does not compare to a heroes account of battle. Now that tanks have shock and speed, a general need know the lay of terrain. Wasn't that long ago, my friend found himself failing to get a kill shot because of trees. To his charging I explained only because there were a few trees doesn't mean it wasn't a forest, explain before battle. So I say though it brought me victory it was also my folly to not have proper terrain. I am currently working on hills, trees, and eventually a pipeline for proper competitive play.


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spray to Win

I have now sprayed my scout and multiple heavy weapons team members with Mech Red basecoat. Soon the eldar will feel the wrath of the Red Thrist. Baal Predator, Rhino 1, and Death Company Rhinos are primed and base coated. My furiso dreadnought is fully dressed to battle with the coming battle. Death is brought to all of us, but it is our choice how we die...with honor or like a scum eldar with fear.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Wraithlord Addition

Oh man, after getting a bit of cash coming from selling books for classes I don't have any more I had decided to get some new mini's together to either add on to my current Eldar army or get a started kit to start building to the forces of Chaos!
Ultimately, BHTechMech pointed me over to the Wraithlord model and some much needed Rangers for my army. After pointing out the usefulness of a Avatar and Wraithlord going to town on a group of guys sounded really appealing. And looking at the stats, I can see why they are EXTREMELY useful to the forces.
I'm excited to start using a new paint feel for these models. Make them as appealing as my Avatar. More pictures to come!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Guy

Hello all! I was invited over here by BHTechMech to post some information on Warhammer 40k as well.
With that being said, I had started not to long ago with painting an Eldar army another friend had given to me to start. From that point, I really took off with the painting and for some reason (and not having a creative bone in me) was able to start perfecting my painting technique.
Anywho, I am getting a grasp on the lore and feel of the Warhammer Universe. The depth of the game goes way beyond the scope of painting or simple battles on a table top. It is a entire universe with people and aliens, the rise of power and corruption. It has become a personal favorite of mine now and I will continue to research and play in this environment as long as possible.
I posted a link to my work, its to be updated more soon with D&D mini's I have painted up.