Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have been trying to get more of my Blood Angels painted up. Of course creating individuality on a common red paint scheme is hard, but I am working towards that goal. I currently have a Dreadnought and a captain that I am focusing on. As soon as they are finished more photos and maybe a battle report again.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the players and painters alike.
I hope its filled with new models, brushes and paints.

In other news, we will be having more pictures coming up and online for you all to see. Hopefully some of mine as well, I get the feeling BHTechMech is getting tired of just his here!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Excellant Artwork

Check out these spectacular photos from every corner of the 40k Galaxy.
Lukasz Perzanowski 's Public Gallery


Imperial Space Marines

HOLY ......ICON!

Imperial Space Marines

Need I say more...everything in this gallery is simply stupefying and awesome. Putty work gives me ideas and I have to post something from here because I am so amazed at it all.

Thursday, November 25, 2010




New Showcase Update!

I have just linked my Picasa Web Album Blood Angels to the showcase page which will be constantly synced whenever I add new photos. Right now there are about ten new photos I added showing some finished models and some works in progress. Please check them out! Soon I will force Fayte to make a album sync so that his whole army can be showcased on Picasa. I hope to have Necrons on here too!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Rangers And Painting

Well after a few weeks (months....) of posting here, I have an update to state!
*deep breath*
I'm almost done with my Rangers and will have pictures up with them soon on my site. This means that I can move on and work on some other things that could possibly get done before winter is over.
I still have to magnetize my Wraithlord completely, because I want the full assortment of weapons it has to offer and make it a very variable based model.
The cannon to my Fire Prism has the finished crystal in it and ready to go, but I'm not completely sure what I am going to do with it for the painting scheme, hopefully it will be easier once I get to it.

Other than the W40K painting, I have been working on my D&D minis to put on the table, they are looking great and people are very happy with what they got. Pictures to come as well.

Other than the painting frenzy that BHTechMech and myself have been doing, we are finally making a dent in the forces we have. Its a good thing to get awesome looking models on the table fighting each other. We'll have to post another skirmish soon.

Thats about it for now, other than I am getting excited to watch The Ultramarines movie with BHTechMech. After hearing what he has to say and the reviews, it should be amazing.

Later all!


Thursday, October 14, 2010


I just added Adrain Smith to Related People links, and his art is awesome, as well as Jon Sullivan. If you have the time check out some of their work, I highly recommend it.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

ULTRAMARINES Movie - Release Announced


08 Oct 2010 - 12:37

Codex Pictures announces that ULTRAMARINES: A WARHAMMER 40,000 MOVIE will be available as a Special Edition Collector’s Edition for a limited period only exclusively from the official website, at http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/shop. Pre-orders start today, for worldwide release November 29 2010. This unique edition comprises the DVD with bonus features, in a SteelBook™ case and a specially commissioned graphic novel.



The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
Yes, not 40k related but damn, I like it! I use it for my job which invovles technology hence the user name TechMech, and I would, if it wasn't for the monopoly that Microsoft has, use Ubuntu or that of a Linux-based OS primarily. Anyways I figured since there haven't been any recent posts I wanted to post something. Upcoming in my world of 40k: Hopefully some painting...and using my sprayer before winter sets in. If you come across our blog and see something you like, please let us know! I hope to continue to add to this blog with all that is awesome.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Battle

Check out the Battle Reports page for a telling of how the Eldar took back a piece of technology from the Blood Angels.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Scenery Excitement

So after getting that newsletter for the mailing list from Games Workshop, I have come to the understanding of the need of good scenery for battle. Something that makes you feel like you are there commanding the troops you worked so hard to paint and deploy.
Now, I have seen everything from pop cans and books to fully painted, huge pieces of scenery that have been lovingly put together for the sake of the game. Its something you don't always note because of its background feel to it, but it makes the world come alive when you start to play.
Honestly, I would love to get this piece to paint and use. Even though I play Eldar, I can see the forces of Chaos or some Blood Angels either controlling it or trying to take it back. Even some Necrons could see the use of the molecular components. It would make a fun environment feel even more like the battlefield at hand.
Now to get to work, so I can dream about getting this piece.....

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey all.
After doing a little tweaking I opted to change the look of the site a little bit.
I think it will make it look less plain and more involved. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fayte's Update

As you know (if you read this blog) I just got a Wraithlord and a squad of Rangers I still need to paint up and add to the collection. Because the school front hit though, its going a little slow. I still need to make sure that I take it slow and don't rush them, make them look amazing on the field so I can turn heads while battling it out in a store.
They are washed and primed, so its nothing too huge that needs to be worked on other than the painting itself. And I do have a paint scheme set up for the Wraithlord that will make it look foreboding and terrifying to see it on the field.

Something else on my agenda to work on is some basing concepts. I want to have bases that have some feel to them without just covering them in flock. So we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, that is all for now!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grassy knoll

Those of you on the Games Workshop mailing list will have seen the latest in terrain and I agree. Terrain is the battle, with difficult terrain slowing a charge blocking LOS or straight saving your last heavy man, open field battle does not compare to a heroes account of battle. Now that tanks have shock and speed, a general need know the lay of terrain. Wasn't that long ago, my friend found himself failing to get a kill shot because of trees. To his charging I explained only because there were a few trees doesn't mean it wasn't a forest, explain before battle. So I say though it brought me victory it was also my folly to not have proper terrain. I am currently working on hills, trees, and eventually a pipeline for proper competitive play.


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spray to Win

I have now sprayed my scout and multiple heavy weapons team members with Mech Red basecoat. Soon the eldar will feel the wrath of the Red Thrist. Baal Predator, Rhino 1, and Death Company Rhinos are primed and base coated. My furiso dreadnought is fully dressed to battle with the coming battle. Death is brought to all of us, but it is our choice how we die...with honor or like a scum eldar with fear.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Wraithlord Addition

Oh man, after getting a bit of cash coming from selling books for classes I don't have any more I had decided to get some new mini's together to either add on to my current Eldar army or get a started kit to start building to the forces of Chaos!
Ultimately, BHTechMech pointed me over to the Wraithlord model and some much needed Rangers for my army. After pointing out the usefulness of a Avatar and Wraithlord going to town on a group of guys sounded really appealing. And looking at the stats, I can see why they are EXTREMELY useful to the forces.
I'm excited to start using a new paint feel for these models. Make them as appealing as my Avatar. More pictures to come!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Guy

Hello all! I was invited over here by BHTechMech to post some information on Warhammer 40k as well.
With that being said, I had started not to long ago with painting an Eldar army another friend had given to me to start. From that point, I really took off with the painting and for some reason (and not having a creative bone in me) was able to start perfecting my painting technique.
Anywho, I am getting a grasp on the lore and feel of the Warhammer Universe. The depth of the game goes way beyond the scope of painting or simple battles on a table top. It is a entire universe with people and aliens, the rise of power and corruption. It has become a personal favorite of mine now and I will continue to research and play in this environment as long as possible.
I posted a link to my work, its to be updated more soon with D&D mini's I have painted up.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Movie!?!

I have just recently discovered that in the making due out this year is a movie called "Ultramarines"
Holy crap that is news to me, and good news at that. Of course its computer generated which I would want nothing less. Real actors portraying to be 7ft tall though can be done as in 300 is to costly a venture at this point, and sometimes the best voices for characters don't have the face or well body to comply. Anyways here is the link to the website and I will keep you informed.
Ultramarines Movie

Also they are going to portray the Imperial Fists in this movie as well...so far that is all I know. The teaser is well hardly even that.


Now I am also a computer geek so when my friend came across this I was amazed!
Check it out: Dreadnought Case
This thing is a computer case as well as the most BA fan art i have seen for 40k.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Innovation in the 41st Millennium

The current links now all work. I have redesigned a little to have my slide show of my Picasa web album playing up top, and the random searched one at the bottom. I suggest watching the bottom one because there are some cool images of fan art as well as models. On top of what my last post stated as updates to happen, I hope to be bringing in a friend to have a few more posts per month for the enigmatic Eldar. Lastly, on the bottom is my blog list which is quite small but potent. I plan to expand on that a little in order to grant all of you insider info into the world of 40k. Dan Abnett is one of the leading minds behind the creation of the galaxy, and no he isn't the Emperor, yet... Please continue to view this blog it will grow and become something very special to fans of 40k.


Citadel Spray Gun

Pleasure of speed. Red does make it go faster! God I am so happy I bought this gun. The price of 30.00 USD has made my Blood Angels Army an enjoyment again since I can base them and then base them again and wash then get down to hand details quickly. This is such a worthy addition to a true hobbiest that wishes to have a large WYSIWYG army otherwise its too daunting not to be paid for it. Perhaps in a year I can even start collecting Imperial Guard army, dreams of the lottery. Anyways, I just wanted to update my elation and I will upload some pictures of finished and in process spraying as well as a movie maybe. I plan to refine my links by the end of the week and hopefully get a battle report soon.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More than a Thousand

I am utterly disappointed at the amount of Blood Angels players here in the North. I almost went to play the Space Wolves after there new codex was released but went against it; thinking that many other player's would start a bandwagon for Russ. As far as I can tell this isn't so and I have yet to come across one player that plays the Wolves. Disappointing as it is I am in this for the long haul with a small portion painted in their glorious red and gold and many more waiting to fill the ranks of my army. I cannot turn back but only forge forward and try to make my army the best looking and play it the strongest.
With the new codex I can play the Angels of Blood the way I always wanted to, Fast, deadly, but with big guns too! Oh did I mention I am a 3rd edition player?! With long history to the Blood Angels. In my early days of what to field I came to my first decision to play Space Marines. Then solely on name alone I chose the Dark Angels, but with that stubborn rule and lack of melee I had to move on. When I was lost and did not know what army to stick to I remember my friend asking me what I wanted in an army. I replied berserk warriors with a lot of psychic potential. He said play the Blood Angels. At my hobby store of ole no one played them and I was instantly hooked with Mephiston's power plus his story of overcoming the Rage. The death company and their ignore wounds, and the Furious Dreadnoughts! The duality of their personalities exemplifying what I feel I have in me, beauty and fury. All this made me a Novitiate instantly. Then I learned of their role in the Heresy, that the Emperor would have never slew Horus without Sanguinius. God how I love this chapter. Yet, their popularity is something I detest. Why do other people desire to play them? If they cannot name the multitude of reasons I just listed then I must best them in combat, the traitors. At my ole hobby store the popular chapter was Black Templars and I was as near to playing them as I was the Wolves but the inner thirst, the lust for combat called me back to my Angels. May I make them and all you other strong, true Blood Angel players proud.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chaos Rising: corruption that runs deep

Hello again,
This time around I am taking a look into Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. This game has everything I need in a RPG. I was about to start Dawn of War II again and change up my roster of guys, putting points into different traits. I had a nudge to try Chaos Rising and I can no way play original DOW II now.
     First, the ability to redistrubute the points has made me so happy. I can try Tarkus out with hand to hand weapons for mission and see how I like it; then change him back if I don't. I can change the dreadnought Thule from a Furiso to a Hellfire, well not quite. They introduced melta weapons in this one, and completely redesigned the game to fit with higher levels of each character. New weapons, better armor, and more special moves.
      The swap in system control to corruption is half pleasing. Where I like the ability of fighting or giving into corruption which early on being corrupted gives you some serious advantage, but hurts you in other ways. Turning from the Emperor's benevolence is never a good thing. The reason I say half pleasing is because I miss system control bonuses of Comm Stations, Manufactories, and Shrines. In the first one the overall effect of holding all these was powerful. Bonus XP, and pushes you closer to having more daily deployments, which is heavily required near the end of DOW II. It is nice for a change of mission style though since I no longer need to play an area twice to acquire both control buildings, and being able to refill the in mission supplies like rosaries, and orbital bombardment these buildings provide is a lot more efficient.
     On that note I have found the game more challenging without a all or nothing supply refill. In this version you have to locate specific refills, i.e. ammo, strategic, explosive, etc. It definitely makes use of the items more dire and strategic. The eagerness to play and not stop has not only survived with the expansion Chaos Rising but become stronger...sorta like the power promised by the four gods. I love this game and recommend it to any Warhammer 40,000 tabletop fan, Black Library fan, and RPG fan.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bloodline of Sanguinius

I recently finished my straight forward Tactical squad. One of my friends who just got into the hobby even said that as long as he has known me I have been working on these guys! I guess I'm a perfectionest not to fail to mention I tried a few paint tactics out on them. There is ten of them and they are mean looking, I just have to base them. Anyways I hope to upload a few files of my buddies Eldar, Necron, Orks, and Tau. Club St. Cloudy soon to rule the state!!
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dawn of War: II

Okay so I am a little behind the times but thats is how it goes. I don't think anyone can blame me for realizing the trend of games to release an expansion 6 months to 1 year after the first release, and save money by doing it. Anyways I have just starting playing this awesome game. It has what Dark Crusade and Soulstorm lacked, no not just the Tyranids but the ability to customize your commander as well as other squads with stats and gear. This game is fun and fast pace. Another point in my book is the fact that when you lose a battle it doesn't hurt your campaign, in fact strategically it can help.
To explain what I mean, I played the mission against Gutrencha, awesome opening picture, and lost. I did not have to load from a save game, I was able to upgrade my squads with the XP I earned plus gear. Next, I was able to take Comm Array in addition to the shrine because I played the mission twice! Finally someone gets the campaign style game right. Just a tid bit toward Warhammer: Mark of Chaos: Battle March. The game was done very well graphics wise and I am impressed with the way Namco Bandai allowed for the game to be a virtual tabletop match, i.e. you only have the units you bring to the fight. BUT you cannot save during a battle, of which some take up to hour and half, and most importantly if you lose in a campaign battle your army is depleted. As a player you do not have to load from a save file, but you are forced to face the same battle with less men because of the lack of gold to recruit more men. It needed some resources on the campaign map. Now this can make a game more challenging but a game still needs to be fun and losing isn't fun. Plus then throw on top you can't replenish your army!
Alright enough griping and back to Dawn of War II. Basically I already want to play this game again, its got awesome graphics, fun playing, a great StarCraft cutscreen feel to it, wonderful storyline, although the lines are somewhat cheesy, Dan Abnett should have critiqued it, and finally it is fun.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

WARHAMMER 40,000: In the future there is only war and me

I have decided that I am going to use this Blog for the purpose of Warhammer. I am going to review the Black Library novels I read. I am going to review the Games-Workshop codex's and new releases that happen. I am going to cover exciting new models form Forge World. And I am going to showcase my army of Blood Angels as I finish it. Including but not limited to Battle Reports against whoever wishes to test the might of the Emperor!