Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Terrain, it makes the map.

It's been a month since posting the information on the plan of making a Cities of Death terrain set and it still hasn't happened! But this weekend a few of us 40k players are getting together for an over the weekend terrain creation time! Whoo!
Hopefully over the course of two-days, we will get out some terrain that has been sitting in the corner of BHTechMech's basement corner. Get some trees, hills, grass, etc. out on the field for an awesome array of different terrain to put out. It will make it infinity better than using spice jars and boxes for our terrain. Along with that, plan on seeing a battle report floating here soon, we have one of the guys helping not ever have played 40k and wants to give it a shot. I suppose some Chaos can die by our hands, but then we have Necrons to worry about also! Expect pictures soon!

With that, we will also be building plans for the Cities of Death board we will be using. If anyone has suggestions on how you did it, put it in the comments below! I know we would love to get any suggestions on how to proceed with our planning.....

Along with all that excitement, we are going to get some of the 40k guys together for Deathwatch. It's a 40k based RPG that places you in a Deathwatch squad. I can feel the excitement building each time one of the guys talks about it. Hopefully we'll get that rolling out soon and have a good battle report to go with some of the missions.

So as always: Keep those dice rolling, the paint flowing and may the Emperor protect!


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