Monday, October 10, 2011

Painting to a game

Hey all, 

Above is the force I am thinking about using at the Source, a FLGS in St. Paul. They are having a Apocalypse 40k game Nov. 12th and you can put in a force of between 500 and 2500.
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Alright. Imagine this force you see above with another Vyper and the Harlequins fully painted and being awesome. (I enjoy having painted models on the field)

Here is the list:
HQ: (355pt)
  • Avatar
  • Phoenix Lord Baharroth

Troops: (363pt)
  • 16 Guardians
  • 5 Rangers
  • 5 Jetbikes

Elites: (142pt)
  • 5 Harlequins (Troupe Master included)

Fast Attack: (277pt)
  • 5 Swooping Hawks (Exarch included)
  • 2 Vyper Jetbikes

Heavy: (495pt)
  • Nightspinner
  • 2 Falcons
Point total: 1632pt

Let me know if you have advice on any play styles or other options. Honestly I don't get to play as much as I want to most times, but I am trying to find a good hit and run force with a nice touch of ground backup.

I'll get some more pictures of the upcoming models soon! 


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