Monday, July 26, 2010

Innovation in the 41st Millennium

The current links now all work. I have redesigned a little to have my slide show of my Picasa web album playing up top, and the random searched one at the bottom. I suggest watching the bottom one because there are some cool images of fan art as well as models. On top of what my last post stated as updates to happen, I hope to be bringing in a friend to have a few more posts per month for the enigmatic Eldar. Lastly, on the bottom is my blog list which is quite small but potent. I plan to expand on that a little in order to grant all of you insider info into the world of 40k. Dan Abnett is one of the leading minds behind the creation of the galaxy, and no he isn't the Emperor, yet... Please continue to view this blog it will grow and become something very special to fans of 40k.


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