Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More than a Thousand

I am utterly disappointed at the amount of Blood Angels players here in the North. I almost went to play the Space Wolves after there new codex was released but went against it; thinking that many other player's would start a bandwagon for Russ. As far as I can tell this isn't so and I have yet to come across one player that plays the Wolves. Disappointing as it is I am in this for the long haul with a small portion painted in their glorious red and gold and many more waiting to fill the ranks of my army. I cannot turn back but only forge forward and try to make my army the best looking and play it the strongest.
With the new codex I can play the Angels of Blood the way I always wanted to, Fast, deadly, but with big guns too! Oh did I mention I am a 3rd edition player?! With long history to the Blood Angels. In my early days of what to field I came to my first decision to play Space Marines. Then solely on name alone I chose the Dark Angels, but with that stubborn rule and lack of melee I had to move on. When I was lost and did not know what army to stick to I remember my friend asking me what I wanted in an army. I replied berserk warriors with a lot of psychic potential. He said play the Blood Angels. At my hobby store of ole no one played them and I was instantly hooked with Mephiston's power plus his story of overcoming the Rage. The death company and their ignore wounds, and the Furious Dreadnoughts! The duality of their personalities exemplifying what I feel I have in me, beauty and fury. All this made me a Novitiate instantly. Then I learned of their role in the Heresy, that the Emperor would have never slew Horus without Sanguinius. God how I love this chapter. Yet, their popularity is something I detest. Why do other people desire to play them? If they cannot name the multitude of reasons I just listed then I must best them in combat, the traitors. At my ole hobby store the popular chapter was Black Templars and I was as near to playing them as I was the Wolves but the inner thirst, the lust for combat called me back to my Angels. May I make them and all you other strong, true Blood Angel players proud.


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