Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Nothing much happening, been doing very little painting. Found that really cool Picasa showcase, see earlier posts, and has inspired me to try harder to individualize my models. But this weekend is the weekend that I go over to Faytes new home and paint with him and hopefully finally finish my dreadnought and captain. I am doubtful, but I will try too. Plus his latest discovery of a very good looking ancient brass style is something I aim to master for my dreadnought this weekend. This year is going to be tough for my gaming world, but I am hoping to finish my tanks for the Blood Angels. Read my 21 Black Library books I have purchased, and beat the video games as well. All this while keeping my job, maintaining school grades and just keeping normal life in order. To those who see this blog please follow if you are a Warhammer 40k fan. I will have Fayte post his models in Picasa to have in the showcase section. I will begin to write reviews for the Black Library books I have read. And in short order I will review the Ultramarines movie! Yes I own and have viewed once, decent, but the remainder to be posted in the Reviews section. Have a good year everyone, Emperors blessing to all who believe and Warp damn the rest of you lot.


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