Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Black Library - Aurelian

The Black Library - Aurelian

Bottom line I will not miss another limited edition, 3000 only in English, Horus Heresy (H.H.) book, and wait two years for a re-release. Fifty USD is a lot to spend for me, and I really could care less about the authors signature, but I have to own the series!
I missed Promethean Sun, and I regret it ever since. Even if it is a book only to know a side story and a reptilian hardback cover, although looking very impressive, I could do without the cover. I just really wish I owned the book because I want to own the whole series and know the web that makes up the entire Horus Heresy Plot.

In fact all of you out there who did not get one of the limited copies, I suggest emailing Black Library sending complaints they should re-release it in mass market paperback, Audio CD, MP3 or E-Book. Overwhelm their server, force them to listen. It is not fair that they are selling millions of these H.H. series books, and produce a side story that is limited edition and will not come back for TWO YEARS. I believe we are down to 18 months now. Please join in the fight to get them to release another version of Promethean Sun that is cheaper, mainly, and sooner than their two year wait.
One last item to type, this book better have some special cover/art to make it worth 50 USD. On another hand, I have noticed the increase in price on Audio books, MP3 is cheaper, but I am pretty sure lesser in quality. I believe my first audio CD was only 10-14 USD. I recently ordered Battle of the Fang on E-Book, because I finally bought an E-reader. No promotion here unless you really want to know then leave a comment.
Soon some new painted miniatures to display (reader grumbles, "About time, BHTechMech!") I love you guys/gals too. Just keep checking the blog. Fayte tends to get many awesome pics and blog rolls up more than I do. Also, Deathwatch is a go go go, even if I fail to make the 1.72314 hour drive to the other players; they will go on without me. Just as long as they remember to take pictures we should have some spectacular stuff for you, even sooner than my miniatures, hah.


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