Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nurgle Chaos Lord & Aurelian

Nurgle Chaos Lord

Pictures courtesy of Games-Workshop and Black Library. This guy just looks incredible!!! I put him on my Black Friday Wish List (BFWL) as I call them on any website. It stands for whenever the site in question has sales I begin to purchase off the BFWL.

The Book that never was...

Moreover, if you wanted Aurelian like I did, guess what I did not get my copy ordered. I looked up BST, and apparently it stands for British Summer Time. For those of you in the Central Time Zone 6:00pm BST (GMT +1) in CST [(Central Standard Time)(GMT -5)] will be 12:00pm CST where I live. I sent complaining emails after trying twelve different times during their preorder sale to access Black Library, but the servers were overloaded granting me no access. Twice of the twelve attempts, I spent one full hour hitting refresh, constantly, hoping to get through. Those of you that procured the "Gold Edition" by preorder; I congratulate you.

On a better note, Black Library has decided to reprint and release a "Silver Edition" of Aurelian, which is only 29.95 USD, on October 17, 2011 6:00pm BST or noon here. Here is a link to the definition of BST Wikipedia. I will be on the website at least two-four hours before just to get a copy this time. Just as the "Gold Edition" had only 3,000 copies printed; so will the "Silver Edition" of Aurelian.

The 50.00 USD "Gold Edition" will be released again as well. Although, I would like the insets; I do not care for Aaron Dembski-Bowden's signature. He is not one of my top three favorite authors from the Black Library, and saving 20.00 USD is worth the loss in my opinion. Now, October is a far-piece to wait, but notably better than a two year interim.

If you dislike all the hidden links please let me know in comments section, thanks.


  1. Looks cool, wish I had money >_<.

    The links thing is okay, but you might wanna change your back ground it obscured some words.

  2. Maybe I could change the color of the words; would that make it easier to read? And I wish I had money too, and then the time to actually paint these awesome models like Nurgle Lord of Flies. I have soo many models base-coated, and the weather up here is so nice its time to get my spray gun out before it snows, O Lord give me the time, help me complete all my homework and get ahead in my college classes, please.

  3. I also tried a different font than normal, I will just use Times from now on. I did like the type writer look though.

  4. I changed it back to Times.
    I love that model, and with the Finecast you can really get the detail in there as well! And don't all modelers and painters want more money and time?

    @Julian - Hopefully we can find the right coloring and such for the blog, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.