Monday, June 11, 2012

Basing Material

So, I headed up to the Superior north shore for some vacation time and while walking the "sandy beaches" I found some great basing material.
Ron, over at From the Warp had written a few articles and references a bunch of great resources for basing models. Something he mentioned was the ability to use natural items that are easily found instead of buying some more expensive ones. Which is words to live by, especially in this expensive hobby!
But this sand/rock just screamed "basing material"! But I found everything from small/mid size rock for sandy basing material to rocks for my models to be put with.

Share some of the basing materials you have used!
Comments welcome.



  1. Excellent find. I just used some bark I dug up from the Wife's flowerbed yesterday. I made sure to cover up the area when done though so she didn't catch on to me.

    Ron, FTW

    1. Good call. Wives normally don't take kindly to digging in the gardens. Though, telling the internet can be a bit risky....
      Thanks for the comment! Hopefully some models with this new basing will show up soon.

  2. I've used real white and more yellow tinged sand from Florida beachs' for my first Blood Angel army to represent the desert no topping of paint needed. Yes Ron is spot on with that tip. I've hordes of more than just Real life basing to use; any little thing such as bits of metal, styrofoam, and many of bits of piping all when I used to work construction… not to persuade people into trespassing but if you could make your way onto a construction site I'll state you can find many things of value to the DIY types out there.