Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grey Knight Scheme: Part II

Oh we all saw this coming. I was cruising more of the Internets and was still searching for a scheme for my upcoming Grey Knights and while my previous post had a good chunk of info in it about the schemes that people have done with the metals and methods with those.
But I had been poking around for something else, not a NMM look, but more flat. Especially going around the latest tournament with people playing Grey Knights, I found myself being drawn the to the less shiny, and I think I found a winner.
Using various greys and blues, the painter was able to get a solid looking armor with a darker and less shiny look. 
(The original post is here)
I do have to say, I will probably be using Garfy's method for the blade (It's just too dang cool!) but as for the armor, I really like the simple lines and grim feel this brings.
Overall, it seems to blend well with the feel of the army and the grim darkness of some world being over run with Daemons!

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  1. DEATH TO THE DAEMONS IN THE NAME OF THE EMPORERS!! By the way fayte I have a grey night novel or omnibus if your interested in more background than the blogs provide. I truly do like the feel of this scheme dark but not evil and impressive blending. And of course I like the red mixed into it :)

  2. Please disregard my plural misspelling of EMPEROR, was on me phone and commenting from it is a bit more difficult than expected. Thanks I knew you'd understand.