Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chaos Rising: corruption that runs deep

Hello again,
This time around I am taking a look into Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. This game has everything I need in a RPG. I was about to start Dawn of War II again and change up my roster of guys, putting points into different traits. I had a nudge to try Chaos Rising and I can no way play original DOW II now.
     First, the ability to redistrubute the points has made me so happy. I can try Tarkus out with hand to hand weapons for mission and see how I like it; then change him back if I don't. I can change the dreadnought Thule from a Furiso to a Hellfire, well not quite. They introduced melta weapons in this one, and completely redesigned the game to fit with higher levels of each character. New weapons, better armor, and more special moves.
      The swap in system control to corruption is half pleasing. Where I like the ability of fighting or giving into corruption which early on being corrupted gives you some serious advantage, but hurts you in other ways. Turning from the Emperor's benevolence is never a good thing. The reason I say half pleasing is because I miss system control bonuses of Comm Stations, Manufactories, and Shrines. In the first one the overall effect of holding all these was powerful. Bonus XP, and pushes you closer to having more daily deployments, which is heavily required near the end of DOW II. It is nice for a change of mission style though since I no longer need to play an area twice to acquire both control buildings, and being able to refill the in mission supplies like rosaries, and orbital bombardment these buildings provide is a lot more efficient.
     On that note I have found the game more challenging without a all or nothing supply refill. In this version you have to locate specific refills, i.e. ammo, strategic, explosive, etc. It definitely makes use of the items more dire and strategic. The eagerness to play and not stop has not only survived with the expansion Chaos Rising but become stronger...sorta like the power promised by the four gods. I love this game and recommend it to any Warhammer 40,000 tabletop fan, Black Library fan, and RPG fan.

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