Thursday, November 24, 2011

Air Brushing?!

I purchased an airbrush after much thought and painfully slow painting. The airbrush I came across for a good price and reviews is the Air Pro Tools PS900. I concur with the reviews as this airbrush being a great starter. I had to play with water at first to figure out all the adjustments, but after about 15 minutes of that I was skilled enough to start.

The compressor I purchased, again for a good price and good reviews is the Paascha D500. Now if you go this route of purchasing plan on buying a few more items i.e. Teflon tape, hose, cleaning tools, and anything else to make this an easy process. I had purchased a Water Catch as this compressor doesn't come with one or a PSI gage so my water catch has one to adjust pressure. My hose is a 12ft stretch that goes from 1/8" to 1/4" connectors and I have a quick release on my gun to quickly remove and clean.
I love this air brush it works so smooth and clean. Angle shots, and mass producing results that look better than if I would have hand painted the models. A little note, due to air brush prices I had first bought the Games Workshop Spray gun. Not a good purchase as you are not using a compressor but compressed air. Which changes in pressure while the can gets cold, and of course the spray gun is low quality. I broke two but Games Workshop was kind enough to replace both, to their credit. Lastly, I highly recommend getting a air brush if like me you are going to be painting the same base colors over and over en masse it saves time and gets your army ready to fight.

Below are a few pictures of my experience:

 I tried to use water and this extender to thin Blood Red to use in the gun but it takes more time and skill than I want to play with. Remember I bought the gun to speed up the process not slow me down.

And that is where the Vallejo Italian Red comes in as a perfect match for GW Blood Red. This is diluted, and only needs to be squirted in the gun!

 ----> Something to hold the gun up when its full and your phone rings.

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    Please leave any comments, recommendations on what has worked for you, and especially tips and tricks to airbrushing. Next article I d like to put in my two cents about powders, and what you out there think about the use of them.