Monday, November 28, 2011

Experiment: Part II

Hey all,

Just wanted to show the finished version of my experiment with the Eldar Guardians, and I have to say, I am very pleased with how they turned out!
(Pics, tips and commission shots after the jump!)
More pics of the finished model!

Here is something I tried out after reading about it online. 
I always wanted to try and get my snow on the base to look more, well, fluffy. After looking around I learned that if you take equal parts of PVA glue and the snow basing material and mix them together you can get it clumpy and then apply it to the base. It creates a look similar to snow piles covered in ice. 
Something to note, after that set, I took some more glue and applied it to the top and put some of the snow flock on top of it to have it retain that fuzzy snow look.


After a foolish moment, I gave the commissioned model from BHTechMech to him and deleted the pics off my computer before uploading them! So, I present the final, presented Dreadnought to BHTechMech!

All in all I think he was very pleased with the results of the model. I had a blast trying some new techniques and a new base style! Screen painted and washed gives a great urban look and a little sprue goes a long way to look like rubble! I would love to hear some comments.



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