Monday, December 12, 2011

Touch Ups

The battle commences!

This weekend I was playing a game of 40k Apocalypse at my FLGS and had someone mentioning how much they really loved the color and design on my Warp Hunter. While I was really appreciative of the comments (especially after seeing some of the other art there!) I started to look at my first tanks, my pair of Falcons.

Eldar Falcon

Now, they were some of my first models, and loved painting them. But looking at them on the field I have to say, the whites in the lines are shoddy at best, the work in the underside is flat and unimpressive, and overall it isn't that stunning out there.

But I think I found a way to remedy that, touch ups! I'm running thorough doing some basic touch ups to my Falcons to make them cleaner and better looking without doing much work. My next post will contain a before and after shot and some methods I did to get the job done. But for a basic idea, I took some Goblin Green and outlined the etching that is on the Falcon. Along with that, I am replacing the white with Fortress Grey, a small change, but it does make a difference in the smoothness for the color.

Top Wing
Side of Wing

Top of Falcon, showing both sides!
Untouched Wing


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