Monday, December 5, 2011

Warmachine: Cygnar Approaches!

Hey all,

Over the weekend I got an early gift from a friend for the Cygnar Stormclad, and I have to say, the detail on this model is amazing! I am really looking forward to painting him up and adding him to my force.
But first I need to finish the said force that I started. So here is what I got done over the weekend!

I never posted my finished Lancer, so lets start with that!

I got the coloring more exact this time around and really enjoyed painting the shield. The bird is probably one of my favorite parts of the model and really shines when looking at it. 
I tried again with the snow on the base, and I have to say, its not so bad. Kinda feels like frosting at first glance, so I have to work on my style with it.

Next is the Charger.

I had most of him done a while ago, but got caught up in different projects. But I finally finished him out! I tried doing a few different methods with the OSL with the hammer he has, nothing huge but I am trying to work on my skill with coloring and lighting before giving it more of a large glow. I think it turned out really well otherwise.

Now, for the Warcaster.

This is the start to my warcaster. I'm really excited how the bronze armor turned out and the cloak turned out just perfect! The shading on the cloak was actually several layers of Bleached Bone with a final drybrushing with white that is very, very thin. The armor is actually a few thin layers of Dwarven Bronze with a few heavy coats of Devlan Mud on top of it. I then drybrushed the Shining Gold on top (to give some edging) and then edged it with Burnished Gold to really pick out the color.

I have to finish the base and the arms and head, but he is mostly done! 

Also, a teaser of things to come.....
Oh yeah......!

Comments welcome! 


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