Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Resolution

Well, I figured out my new year's resolution for my painting/gaming.
I am going to.....wait for it......paint all the models I have!

*gasps from the crowd, people fainting from the sheer mentioning!*

I realize what I am saying, but look at the stack! Just look at it!
The stack.....of DOOM!

On the side of the blog here, I have a list of things I need to paint. And honestly, I need to get it all out of my queue. So as a promise for those who read this blog I will be finishing my models I have to paint on my shelf before anything else is done.

I have my work cut out for me, here is my list:

  • Eldar
    • Lynx
    • Warp Spiders
    • Guardians
  • Orks
    • Killa Kans
    • AoBR Set
  • Tau
    • Battleforce
    • Stealth Team
  • Cygnar
    • Stormclad
  • Terrain
    • Objective Points
    • Basilica Administratum
    • Fuel Containers

It is quite the list, but I am determained to work on it and get it completed in a year. I will have three armies that are either good to start or well rounded and will have a bit more terrain to get on the field.
This also means I will need to buy a plastic container and get some more model holders, my shelf just isn't cutting it anymore. 

What is your resolution for hobbying/playing? Comment below!


1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year everyone!
    My resolution is exactly the same as Faytes since I have too many models unpainted along with a Super Heavy Tank as well like Fayte.
    With school coming about, I have chosen to give up my other two hobbies of Video Games and reading my fiction Warhammer 40k novels. To this I hope to focus and get back my painting skills, as I am horrible these days, no longer even have a steady hand. Something I got better at when I painted more.

    I also would like to take this time to thank Fayte for keeping this Blog up and running with updates as I have been not into field like I once was.

    Lastly, that Lynx is incredibly huge and will look spectacular once Fayte paints it!