Thursday, February 9, 2012

Craftworld Choice

Hey guys!

So after painting the Lynx and getting a hold of the new Imperial Armor book, I have decided to chose a Craftworld. Craftworld Mymeara.

The paint scheme is one I am currently working on with my Wraithlord, Warp Hunter, and my new Lynx. I enjoy the colors and the style of play that they normally have. It also means I don't have to repaint a large portion of my army and moving forward, will be using a lot of Scaly Green!

That's all I have for now. Hopefully some pics soon of new models.



  1. I love the teal scheme. look forward to seeing some minis painted!

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  2. Thanks for the comment! I am also following your blog.

  3. That's a really cool color scheme, I'm a big fan of greens! I'd love to see the actual paint scheme on some models.

    1. Thanks! I actually have my Warp Hunter and Lynx (previous post) that are painted in the scheme I will be using. Next up is my Warp Spiders.