Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eldar Lynx Finished

Hey guys,

So! I finished my big project for the winter season and I have to say, I am very proud of this project. Being this is a super heavy tank, I knew I had my work cut out for me. But I am excited it is done and cannot wait to field it next weekend for the big Apocalypse game I'll be in.

More pics and comments after the break.

I really wanted to try using some OSL techniques to really make the pulses pop out to people. The glow was really easy actually. Due to the changes in color of blue I found that if you use the second to brightest color to put the glow effect around it, it will pop it out and looks more like a glow. (Reference here)

With the engines I took the same design scheme that I had done with my previous Warp Hunter and the Vyper that I had recently done. I tried to keep the consistent theme with the metals universal to the model. The layers consist of Tin Bitz -> Dwarven Bronze (half of the engine set) -> Shining Gold (half of the half) ->  Burnished Gold (just the ends). That way it feels like an aged set of metallics and a great feel to the model.

The OSL felt really good in the end. It made the model really feel like it was deadly and powering up. To really show that as well, I tried to force all the pulses on the Lynx to look like they were heading toward the gun section. Really look like it was taking more and more power around it to fire the weapon.

I absolutely love this cheat. For any of the pilots I now do a glow effect from the monitor in their cockpit. It looks amazing and takes almost no work. It feels like cheating to me, but I know it is just a good effect for anyone trying to make the model feel like a real item. 

Finally, a shot of it next to the Warp Hunter. For size and color comparison. I feel like etching the outsides makes the model "feel" cleaner. Another thing I picked up from doing this model is actually something I got from Ron over at FTW. (Reference here) If you thin your paints EVER so slightly, it will make the paint last longer, cover more, and be easier to work with. And is it ever the truth. You can't see the bottom of the model for the most part, but it is painted with layers of Bleached Bone. Because of how it dries, it becomes sticky quick, but after just dipping the tip of my brush in the waste water (same color as the paint) with the paint on the brush, it really made spreading it easy. Thanks for the tip Ron!

In the future, I will be taking some of the things I learned from this model and applying it to them, especially the cleaning of resin models. It's something that should be covered more I think. Anyway, comments are always welcome!



  1. Wow, it looks great. The pulse effect is very cool and I don't know that I've ever seen it done before. While the OSL may not be absolutely exact, I think you've captured the feeling of it and that's more important to the model overall.
    Wonderful work.

    And I'm glad the paint thinning tip helped get some smooth applications of paint on there for you.

    Ron, From the Warp

    1. Thank you for those kind words Ron. Means a lot!
      The OSL was a test, I am still working on it but I know with each model I do, I try and have something new on it to try a new technique or improve something.

      With the paint thinning, I am suggesting it to all of my fellow hobbyist around me. (Though a few mentioned that they have been doing it for a long time)

      I will be reading your review on OSL to give it another try. I might test some guardians I have around.

  2. Looks great man. Glad we will be on the same side for a couple weeks! What is it armed with?

    1. Well, a Shuriken Cannon, you know it well.....
      Then, Pulsar - 60" Range, S: D, AP2, Heavy 2, 5" Blast.

      Oh it's going to be much fun.

  3. Clean and sleek. Great choice of colours for Eldar.

  4. Looks great I'm going to try that on my eldar :)

    Get some Vallejo glaze medium or a wet pallette and your paint will not dry out. For aaaages.

    I also find a 50/50 bestial brown bleached bone mix works great as a base for bleached bone. Then just increas the amount of bleached bone until its covered and smooth.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I've actually been meaning to make a wet palette for painting, might actually have to now.

  5. Beautiful work! I'm definitely gonna have to try something similar on my eldar (but my painting skills aren't nearly close to yours). It really sells the alien aspect of the vehicles, making eldar seem much more realistic. Great job!