Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Liquid Green Stuff: A Review

Well here it is, a review that everyone else has done, BUT I have some tips and tricks on how to utilize Liquid Green Stuff (LGS) more easily and make it that much more useful to you in your endeavors!

So as a lot of other blogs have mentioned, the LGS is extremely thick. It's like a light paste right out of the bottle. And as you can see from me trying to fill in the cracks and pits on these Warp Spiders, it doesn't spread or fill in that well. It seems to want to stick to the brush or tool most of the time. Blech.

So I took a hint from another blog (I don't remember which one, if it's you, let me know) and figured I would try and water it down ever so slightly. 

And then suddenly, it works like a charm. Paint it on, apply it with the tool, it becomes infinitely easier to manage and use. 

Bam! Fills in and dries great. From finding this out, it makes the stuff MUCH easier to use and a very useful thing to have in one's toolbox of modelling! Let us know what you think of LGS as well.

Before I go, I got to see the Darkstar GT tourny here in MN and, while I didn't participate in it, I had some friends who did! On the night these pics were taken I got to partake in some free play on these boards. TONS of fun. Check them out!
40k Apoc game!

Looks cold...

Jungle fun. The water looked great!
Khorne anyone?

Tzneech World

Floating donut of doom!

Toxic sludge!

See you next time!



  1. I've seen a lot about this Liquid Green Stuff being useful for those kinds of things, I guess I may get me some at some point. That and a whole bunch of other things I've got on my list!

    1. At least it's cheap. It is the standard $3.70 for a bottle of paint. But I hear ya, you start doing 40k and the list just grows!

  2. I absolutely LOVE LGS, and I use it a lot on resin models. On a side note, that game of Apoc is quite possibly the most timid one I have ever seen, haha.

    1. There were only four of us total, and it was rather tame. It was still fun though!

  3. Glad to hear it worked as well as it did for you. It sounds like it was the right choice for the job and it made fixing the model very easy.
    My results have been less that stellar with it, but that may be to my personal tastes.

    Ron, FTW