Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grey Knights Scheme

I come to the crossroads of a painting career here. I am trying to decide how I am going to paint my new army: Grey Knights.
Now, from the gasps in the crowd I take it that you did not know! I had a friend that wanted to play Tau, so I made a trade for my Battleforce for some Grey Knight kits. But here comes the problem, how to paint them. 
Pic from Games Workshop.
So, what I have come across are two choices from blogs that show how to paint them. And I do have to say, amazing job from both for the steady hand and tutorials! They will help many a painter to float through the blogosphere and look for methods to paint. 

First Style: Titanium
From ThePaintingShopWorld

This scheme really caught my eye because of the warmer colors on the armor and less of the "chrome" look that a lot of others give to the Grey Knights they paint. It was different, and I do like how it looks. The tutorial is a great one with methods and explanations on what is being done and why. 
I have to nod my hat at this one, for sure. 

Second Style: Chrome
Credit to Garfy
This tutorial is top notch, and I have to say, it makes it easy to want to do this style. The scheme leans a lot on the mixing Lahnian Medium and different paints to do blending on the model. Making the "depth" of the model more easily seen. This is also cleaner looking (at least from what I see in pictures.)

Both of these blogs are amazing at explaining the steps and reasons why you are painting the colors you are. My question to you all is: What scheme do you like more? 
I suppose I could modify both and put them together, but which are you more drawn to or have seen on a table?



  1. I like the Blue Steel one, but then I created the tutorial, so I would.

    Lol, did you even read the Tale of Painter's tutorial. Credit should be Garfy (me) not Stahly and it doesn't lean heavily on washes at all. I didn't use a wash once. Closet I came was a single glaze of Guilliman Blue.

    This made me laugh!

    1. D'oh! I didn't even see it. It was way at the bottom of the page in very small text. Guess it's time for me to look at glasses.

      I did read the article! I swear! I guess I went to far assuming with the mixing of the Lahmian Medium. I will fix my statement above to match that, and reference the correct credit.

  2. Not a problem. Thanks for the link by the way.

    If you do decide to paint Grey Knights using my tutorial be sure to link me to them. Would love to see someone else paint them with this scheme.