Monday, April 9, 2012

Wave Serpents!

So over the weekend I got started into the meat of my painting project for the upcoming tourny.
They are mostly completed, I need to do the outside etching and inside pulses, but they are workable for play testing and are nice to see getting done!

Anyway, once they are completed I have Warp Spiders, a support weapon, and a Guardian to finish. But that should be easy compared to getting two tanks out of the way!

I did complete my model for the WAMP Avatars of War painting event. I doubt I'll win, but it was certainly a blast to work on this model. It really made me push my skills with skin and working with reds, hopefully the new Citadel paints will be of some help. 

I have to add basing to his feet, then he is complete. Comments are always welcome!



  1. Ohhh boy, you reminded me about that AoW contest... I've got my Rat Lord sitting for about a month now without any love. I should probably get started on that.

    Nice paintwork there! I like the eye on the sword and that tongue is wicked. How do you like the new Citadel paints so far?

    1. Oh no! You still have some time!
      I actually haven't gotten my hands on any new paints. Hopefully tonight....

  2. Woohoo! Eldar love! Very smooth paintjob you have on the serpents so far, I like it. From the looks of that brush sitting next to it this wasn't an airbrush job either?

    1. It was not. Actually the Vallejo color I use is watery enough that I can paint a few coats down without needing to water it down more and smooth it out. Otherwise I took a hint from Ron over at FTW and water my paints slightly to give it that smooth Eldar feel.

      Now if I could only win a game....

  3. What would I do without you my friend. This blog keeps the Eldar! Good painting, and trust me he doesn't have an airbrush, because he does not need one, that is how good Fayte is getting at painting. Soon he'll be masterclass and I'll have to relinquish the blog to all his glory, not like I put up much these days anyhow. I dream of painting to Fayte's scale and putting something new up to gain the awesomeness you inspire. So many tips and tricks on fellow blogs that I want to read...

    Anyways I had to jump on and say something in order to be a contributor in some fashion even if I've been on the same projectS for almost a year. I too am not showing love to my models. In fact Fayte has painted more of models in the last year than I have...maybe I'll let him finish them all, lol