Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Guy

Hello all! I was invited over here by BHTechMech to post some information on Warhammer 40k as well.
With that being said, I had started not to long ago with painting an Eldar army another friend had given to me to start. From that point, I really took off with the painting and for some reason (and not having a creative bone in me) was able to start perfecting my painting technique.
Anywho, I am getting a grasp on the lore and feel of the Warhammer Universe. The depth of the game goes way beyond the scope of painting or simple battles on a table top. It is a entire universe with people and aliens, the rise of power and corruption. It has become a personal favorite of mine now and I will continue to research and play in this environment as long as possible.
I posted a link to my work, its to be updated more soon with D&D mini's I have painted up.


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