Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grassy knoll

Those of you on the Games Workshop mailing list will have seen the latest in terrain and I agree. Terrain is the battle, with difficult terrain slowing a charge blocking LOS or straight saving your last heavy man, open field battle does not compare to a heroes account of battle. Now that tanks have shock and speed, a general need know the lay of terrain. Wasn't that long ago, my friend found himself failing to get a kill shot because of trees. To his charging I explained only because there were a few trees doesn't mean it wasn't a forest, explain before battle. So I say though it brought me victory it was also my folly to not have proper terrain. I am currently working on hills, trees, and eventually a pipeline for proper competitive play.


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  1. Learn to spell!
    But other than that, it was a lesson learned well from both of us, to see what needed to be changed with ideas and strats.
    With that in mind, I also read the article sent over and it was quite interesting. I'm looking forward to the battles and painting to be had around the tower that needs to be taken, or some hills that are for the high ground.
    The battles have just begun, as has the painting :)