Monday, August 30, 2010

Scenery Excitement

So after getting that newsletter for the mailing list from Games Workshop, I have come to the understanding of the need of good scenery for battle. Something that makes you feel like you are there commanding the troops you worked so hard to paint and deploy.
Now, I have seen everything from pop cans and books to fully painted, huge pieces of scenery that have been lovingly put together for the sake of the game. Its something you don't always note because of its background feel to it, but it makes the world come alive when you start to play.
Honestly, I would love to get this piece to paint and use. Even though I play Eldar, I can see the forces of Chaos or some Blood Angels either controlling it or trying to take it back. Even some Necrons could see the use of the molecular components. It would make a fun environment feel even more like the battlefield at hand.
Now to get to work, so I can dream about getting this piece.....


  1. Yes, I want that piece also because it would be so cool to have a fortress, but I will have to make do with styrofoam and grey paint. I would like to have the landing pad as well, but before all these cool models and terrain of the 5th edition, most players made their own stuff, like Thunderhawks. I enjoy the challenge of trying to mimic something although I tend to not be very innovative so to at least have something to mold after is very tantalizing for me.

  2. I think that the niche for making ones own terrain will never go away. It is similar to modding the models for an army. It gives a flavor and feel to an environment that one's personality can come across in.
    While you pointed out, "You just like to paint cool stuff!" I do enjoy doing just that. But I have seen creativity go far beyond a set that they make and sell.
    Styrofoam and grey paint will do fine for now and will be a staple for terrain in the future.