Thursday, June 2, 2011


So as a side game to our normal D&D group, as the Warhammer 40k pool grows, so does our interest in the lore and universe. While most of us do not play Space Marine armies, we all like the style and lore that goes with it. After a bit of shopping at the local hobby store (The Source), someone found the Deathwatch RPG.
Paging through it, it sounded like a ton of fun! So we made sure to get a group started for it. This Saturday will mark the first time of playing and getting a mission started. Hopefully we'll have a good battle report to bring to you! First part of the day is finishing up the character creation, then its on to give a shot at playing and in between that time, possibly getting some painting of the minis in! So much to do on one Saturday!

As a side note, I would like to throw in my two cents on the Citadel Finecast. I love it, I think it should have been one of the first things to switch hands down. Working with resin is so much easier than metal and feels much safer. It also turns out cleaner than most pewter models that I have looked at. I'm excited to eventually get and paint one of the new models. Hopefully the Tau Sniper team will be my first!

Well that's all for now folks! Keep the dice rolling and the paint flowing!


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