Monday, June 27, 2011

Scarlet Hawks

Hello Blog Readers,
I decided it was time for me to write a post. I have now decided to switch, only slightly, to a different paint scheme from Blood Angels. As of late I have noticed the many BA players and also I would like to field Chapter Champions, Venerable Dreadnoughts and the like. So, with out further adieu I am making an army called the Scarlet Hawks. A portion of my army will still be Blood Angels since I love them so and have painted many already, but the rest will be a Mechrite red with the Raptors insignia since it looks like a hawk. The paint scheme will also be Mechrite so when I field as Blood Angels it won't look too off.

My new army will be an army 300th founding (just kidding) of the Rogal Dorn, because I like the Imperial Fists and Black Templars as well, but will play out of the Space Marine Codex. I hope to have pictures up soon of a Blood Angels Dreadnought, Vindicator, and Commander. Then some basic Tactical Marines of the Scarlet Hawk paint scheme. I will also get a review out of my new air sprayer and compressor I purchased, and hopefully a book or two as I have finished reading all the Blood Angels literature out there now and a great novel by Steve Lyons. (never liked any of his before this one...)

Finally I want to thank Fayte for keeping up with the blog, Secret Holy Angel Painter for an awesome paint job and showcase for our blog, and of course our two followers!!! Thank you all and stay tuned, our group is growing with Orks, Tau, and Necrons. Even a little Deathwatch.

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