Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finecast?! Yes!

Alright, my D&D group is starting up a new campaign soon here (nerdy is as nerdy comes!) and I picked out a new model for my character. Being I wanted to see how the Citadel Finecast models handled, I picked up this gem.

And I can tell you, it is one of the best models I have looked at. The detail is amazing, the feel of the resin is great. Lightweight and durable, it also is flexible and easy to deal with! I've just taken it off the sprue and cleaned it up, putting damage on the armor is a breeze too! I don't feel like it will shatter or not be terribly easy. So far, I am loving it. To the point that if painting it is as nice as cleaning it was, I would love for GW to switch all of the models to resin. 

*Edit* After seeing a bunch of comments on other blogs, I can see the trouble people are having with bubbles, flashing and mismatched molds. But I have to point out that it will only get better, with any new release, there are always issues you will see initially. But I would hope that these issues get brought up with GW were they will make changes. I'm glad they are moving forward though, and not staying where they were. It shows that as a company, while wanting to make money, they do care about the end crafter/player.

Any comments on what you think of the new models?



  1. Heard a lot of horror stories, especially about the models I wanted, so I've avoided them for now. A lot of metals I want aren't in finecast yet anyway, and aren't even set for the next wave :(

  2. As Rad Ed said theres a few things I want in finecast aren't out yet. But from what I've seen I love finecast. Sure theres work to be done but in general the models look awesome.

  3. I just purchased a Chaplain in finecast and the model is pristine. I will wash the model though, Fayte says they are covered in a bit of excess oil that can ruin a paint job.