Friday, June 10, 2011

Holy Blood Angels.....

It's Friday! Whoo! 
This weekend, it looks like we are having a group painting event going on and getting some units on the table. I have to say that one of the best things about painting is painting in a group. It's much easier to bounce ideas off one another and makes the modeling process that much more fun. 
But I bring up my friends models he just finished. I bring you......
The Sanguinor! This was completed by a friend of mine on Wednesday, and it simply looks stunning. He dumped about 20 hours in on this guy and countless layers of gold. It was all worth it I think for a great looking model and will be amazing to field for the awe of his enemies. (Myself included...)
Here are some shots of his Sanguinary Guard:

Well, hopefully I'll get some shots this weekend of Deathwatch model work and some sweet minis hitting the table. Until next time, may the Emperor Protect!



  1. I like these guys. There's a lot more work that could be done on them but they are a good tabletop standard all they need is to be based! :D

    I play BA too and will eventually post some of my minis on my blog. Followed this one for now though :D

  2. Thanks! Basing is always needed, I think he was more worried about getting him up on it and playable. (Also, he was getting tired of gold by the end!)
    Thanks for the comment!