Thursday, August 11, 2011

And the painting continues!

Venerable Dreadnought
Ironclad Dreadnought
Hey all,

I played (and in a moment of weakness, bought) Kill Team for the PS3. I have to say, it is a ton of fun. The voices and the feel of the game scream Warhammer 40k, and honestly want to make me paint more and possible have a battle inside of an Ork cruiser! I would highly recommend it and find a friend to play with too!

In other news, this weekend a friend of mine and I are going to paint to our hearts content! Got to get those armies rolled out, I still have the Tau, Eldar and some Warmachine models to get to also! And, hopefully soon, BHTechMech is having me paint up an awesome Dreadnought for his Death Company squad! I cannot wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

Also, looking over Forge World and not having any Space Marines, the Astral Claws really caught my eye. I really would like to paint them and make a small, but useable force for skirmishes. I might start it off with a Dreadnought of my own. The Ironclad or Venerable looks like a fun model to paint and play with. Any thoughts on the two?



  1. Astral Claws are badass, I like the Ironclad personally. But it's all about what you want to use it for as there two completely different units.

  2. Very true. The Ironclad is awesome, it seems more like a close-combat style Dreadnought. Maybe in the end I'll just get both!