Sunday, August 7, 2011

D&D Ork Done!

Well, here is the finished product. I threw on a matte spray to dull down the metals a bit and I really like how it came out. I am concerned a bit because it left a white, powdery dust on the model.
It's alright because I will be basing it with snow and having him look like he is in an area with snow. What concerns me is that the spray might do this forward. Anyone have this issue? Did I not shake long enough?
But enough about that, here are the shots!



  1. What brand is the Matte Spray? You may have to buy a brand that is gentle to citadel paints rather than other paints because Citadel Color paints are non-toxic, water-based acrylic paints specially formulated to cover Citadel miniatures. These properties mean that you don't need any harsh cleaners or thinners for your paints -- water is all you'll need.

    I had the "Dullcoat" matte paint which was a brush job. Yet, putting too much too soon ,and it would make my paint "melt" and run. Ruining my paint job. Sadly, I would have to take more time to re-touch up the model.

    Right now I have a Spray and a bottle for hand painting of matte finish to try out. I'll be letting you know how it goes on the Dreadnought.

  2. Looks great! I could critique him in every way to explain why he is so Orkishly awesome, but it is by far one of the top models you have painted thus far.

  3. Really good job!! the white dusting has happened to me also, I have since stopped using GW's and wont risk it again, I sprayed a whole 20 man unit!!! I did come across a tutorial once that explained how to fix the dusting, try and search the web as I cant recall now.

  4. Good plan, actually it was the Armory stuff. It didn't melt anything, luckily, but otherwise there is a specific Krylon one that might do the trick as well. We'll see in the future.
    Otherwise I might just put it in a spray bottle and see if the solution itself does anything to make it dusty or not. Might be the aerosol....
    Thanks for the reviews guys!