Thursday, August 25, 2011

Space Marines, ATTACK!


The real reason I haven't been posting.....or painting as of late has been a few games. First off Sins of a Solar Empire has taken my friends and I back for another spell of conquering solar systems. (In the name of the Emperor, of course!) Bastion for it's amazing narrative and great story, and finally Darksiders which is a great story based single-player that will suck you in. Darksiders is important because.....
On Steam it comes with the pre-order of Space Marine!

Now, I watched a ton of the videos and developer diaries for the game, and I was excited. Then I played the demo. I was absolutely blown away. It is by far one of the most interesting and fun games I have played.
The look, feel, smell, sounds of it are all based in the 40k universe. The speech and tones of the characters are spot on, the epic feel of the battles are amazing, you really do feel like you are part of the action! (Which is a bloody mess, but it's Ork blood!) The music itself really sets the mood of the game with its large and epic soundtrack, it does make you feel like you are a Space Marine and you are to finish your duty.

In its execution of controls, it feels very fluid. The game does very well to switch between modes of combat at a whim and does not make you stop to change something up. The HUD is also not intrusive and has enough info to get you by without skimping on the information needed.

This is all from the demo! All I can say is, if the demo is this good, I cannot wait to get into the full game and experience the story they have put forward. I have seen Ork and Chaos we need to fight, and it looks great! Sept. 6th can't come soon enough.

More painting pics will be posted soon. Comments are welcome, let us know what you think of the game!


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