Monday, May 21, 2012

Tournament Results

Well, after a lot of work and effort, I made it past my first tournament. And I will say that it was a lot of fun and I learned a ton in a very short amount of time.
I will post a few of the pictures here, but all the pictures will be on the Galleries page and in a slideshow. Check them out!
Yes, move those Necrons to their doom!

So here was the run down.
Game 1: Loss.
Played the guy that won the tournament. He was running an amazing looking Space Wolves army. Had it down to a science and had me wiped out before anything. Nice guy though! Helped me out and I learned a lot from him.
I had not realized my fate......

Game 2: Loss
Probably the best game of 40k ever. The dice were not in favor of my opponent, but there was a lot of laughs and yelling at dice. It was easily the best time I had ever had playing!
Blood Angels jump packs that were on top of me the whole time, but man, the Guardians made a surprising come around and held out! Also, one Farseer that just didn't know when to quit!
Good times with Blood Angels

He's loving the pain!

Game 3: Loss
Played Tyranids for the first time ever, and man, are they different to fight. You really have to focus on what targets you want to down due to the high amount of wounds on the larger models. The ones that got me quickly were the Tygons and the spawners of more Hormgaunts. Holy crap, so many models! An awesome paint job on them though, apparently the gradients were done via airbrush.
My dooooooom.....

Game 4: Win
My first win ever for a tournament! I did get to face Rick, my friend and the guy I brought with to the tournament. We are in the same gaming club, so either way, the club was going to get a win. It was a tough fight because of all that both of us had leaned, but in the end, I pulled out a win with victory points. It was a great fight and I hope to get a rematch soon with it!

Game 5: Win
Standard Space Marine force that I faced. It was a fun one to see the cover saves and rerolls that Eldar get so many of save my Guardians time and time again. The opponent was just learning a lot as well, but put up a good fight. I had a skimmer tank, tank shock three separate tanks that game and was still moving! I do have to say, seeing Starcannons take out a full squad of Terminators because of rerolls was amazing. 


Overall, I came out with 2-3 and 16th overall (out of 30) which I was VERY proud of. It was a great time, found some new friends and had a ton of laughs. I learned a ton about the game and will continue to polish my skills in the coming future. 

Also, I will get pics up of my Warp Spiders and Wave Serpents soon enough. As well as the WIP of the Baneblade I am doing for BHTechMech! Massive project to undertake. 

Anyway, comments are welcome and please check out the Gallery of pictures!


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