Thursday, May 24, 2012

WIP: Baneblade

Hey all! I'm doing some commission work for BHTechMech for his Baneblade.
I thought that a digital snow camo would look really cool on something like that vehicle plus the challenge is enough of a work that it felt right to do.
The base coat and most of the assembly!
After thinking about the storage and the turrets on each side, I felt that magnetizing the turrets would be a solid plan. After seeing where they could go, it was easy to install and modify them to do just that.

Sponson on
Sponson off

I also magnetized the mail turret area for some extra storage of the sponsons, turrets and guns on the mail weapon. It makes it VERY useful for self storage and minimizing footprint!


Main area back on!
It is starting to come together and I am sure that there will be more pictures coming soon! Let me know what you all think.

I did promise some pictures of the tournament items that I did but did not have time to take pictures of them in time. So here they are: Two Wave Serpents, two weapons platforms, four guardians, and a squad of Warp Spiders!

Comments are welcome!


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  1. Warp spiders are Great looking nice work Fayte. And Fayte has been commissioned because I'm lazy, lol, seriously he is awesome with his painting skills, far greater than I am and with a closer hobby shop he will get to use the Baneblade to its potential in Apocalypse games. Lastly, I am quite envious of your superb paint scheme on the Warp Serpents! Ever living in the shadow of greatness anymore. Kudos