Wednesday, May 2, 2012

40k Draft

I swear I will post some pics of my painted stuff soon......
But first, something hilarious and awesome. A group of us at the FLGS (The Source) are doing what is called a 40k Draft. Similar in design to Fantasy Football, but WAY more awesome.
These two?! Working together?! The heresy! Delicious, wonderful heresy 
So, the rules are this:
- You select an HQ, Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy Support, three Troops, and two Dedicated Transports.
- The army list has to be at or under 1500pts.
- Specify the Codex that the unit is from (if not generic)
- Once a unit is picked, it is gone. (Rhino is taken, ALL Rhinos are gone)
- Select only units in Codexes, they are what they say they are in there (if stated elite, does not move to a troop based on HQ)
- When playing, proxies are used, base sizes have to remain the same.
- Get together and play!

We are having Genestealers pouring out of a Land Raider or Drop Pod, Lysander smacking people from the Catacomb Command much wrong with it, but so funny.
Your doom.....DOOOOM!

So, my list is:
HQ: Lord Kaldor Draigo
Elite: Grey Knight Paladins
Troop: Eldar Rangers (Pathfinders)
Troop: Chaos Space Marine Khorne Bezerkers
Troop: Space Marine Tactical Squad
Fast: Blood Angels Baal Predator
Heavy: Tau Hammerhead
Dedicated Transport: Eldar Wave Serpent
Dedicated Transport: Space Marine Rhino

It sounds like a ton of fun, and I'm coming up with strats that might work, but it is a longshot. We were all having a great time laughing about the different combos and the brutal ways that this should never work. It'll be a ton of fun.

Feel free to run your own at your FLGS and let us know what you thought of it. Next time, I might be mentioning about Killzone!

Comments are always welcome.


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