Friday, July 15, 2011


Alright I have some news. After some thought I have decided to adjust my paint scheme. In deciding the Paint Scheme I wanted something that would still allow me to play my beloved Blood Angels, but would give me a little uniqueness. Mainly so I can play the standard Space Marines codex to expand my amount of various models. Thanks to Bolter and Chainsword I am able to post these preliminary pictures of my ideas. Please comment I want some feedback.


Assault Marine
Devistator Marine


  1. Hey there, just came across your blog, looks good. Comment on your scheme, I like the commander scheme, your tactical and devastator marines work. The other schemes seem to different to be part of that army i.e. the assault marines.
    I know how difficult this process is as I am blogging about the same thing right now on my site http// if you want to check it out. Also let me know if you want to join my blog exchange?

    Will be keeping an eye on your progress.

  2. Thanks, yea I wanted to go dark being that they are assault, but I am going to think up something new. And I checked out your post, don't get too hung up on similar paint schemes or names, I am sure the name I have chosen for my army is taken but I don't expect worldwide fans either. Do what you want to see, and play with.

  3. I have added you to my blog exchange, you should add one to your site as well. It does help bring viewers to your site and for me the comments and feed back help keep me motivated.