Monday, July 25, 2011

D&D Ork! WIP

In painting for D&D, I try to look at the model for a character and decide what I want to paint them based on that personality and style.
With this model, I really wanted to capture a pit fighter. Someone that really is scared from battle and craves for blood, bored at any other situation they are thrown into. It was a lot of fun to build the character, and I wanted the model to be just as fun to paint.

So when the Finecast stuff released I saw the Big Black Ork Boss from Warhammer Fantasy and thought to myself that it would be an AWESOME D&D piece to have around. I picked him up next chance I got (as per previous posts) and dove into him. Here are some WIP shots!


 The armor is a classic color scheme for me, but darkened with more wash this time around. Its Chaos Black based, heavy stipple with Tin Bitz and hit it with Badab Black wash. I had it washed about three times to really get the grunge factor in. The model is really coming together I think, and I will have better pictures up for him soon.
But for now, enjoy a good WAAAAAAAGH! and keep painting!


I learned something new from a fellow painter, do NOT prime your Finecast resin models. Make sure you wash them in warm soapy water, but once they are dry, they are ready to paint. Apparently the resin soaks up the paint, giving it a much more authentic feel. Guess you learn something new every day!


  1. Thank you! I am trying to make it look great due to always having a single model on the D&D field.

  2. Absolutely Amazing! And I'm painting the BARD!!! but we are on par for what the scheme except a few things.... you will be amazed.

  3. I have to say again I love this WIP. Superb, Fayte. Damn we have to get together for a Paint Party!!!! My fault so far I know...Winter is Coming...